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Company profile

We “Sousin Digital INC.” is specialized in LED (Light Emitting Diode) product manufacturing and selling. Since our company was founded in Japan in 2003, we have been developing and producing LED products using SMD LED, and LED strip lights.

The various productions

LED arrangements:
We use mainly LED made out side of Japan because the manufacturing base is in China.

Circuit board design and production:
The circuit board production is possible using rigid, flex, and aluminum. The design is based on supplied customer data, or otherwise we design from the beginning based on specifications.

Component packaging:
The component packaging is very flexible not only mass produced using reflow furnace but also produced by hand.

Water proofing:
We accept water proofing of LED strip lights to enclose with silicone tube or resin mold.

Resinous, metallic outer packaging design and production:
We accept LED modules combine outer packaging design and production resinous, metallic.

The design and manufacture process

Circuit design:
We design a circuit based on a previous arrangement.

Circuit patterns design:
We design patterns based on designed circuit. Various designs are the possible single sided board, and double sided board.

The substrate manufacturing:
The substrate manufacturing is basically in China. The manufacture not only rigid board but also flexible board is also possible.

Component packaging:
We mount supplied components or procured by ourselves. We can accommodate only mount, so please contact us.

Quality control:
We inspect a product by visual inspection, validation, and aging test.

Manufacturing process

New product, design:

Customize of the ready made: